Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have issues. I keep putting off posting because it's been a while and then I have to think of the perfect post to start back up again but keep putting that off and in the mean time - well - time just keeps going by. So. No segue. Tomorrow I start again. Just like that. I'm also looking for a good therapist to help me with my procrastination and perfectionist issues. Any recommendations?


  1. Hey! I am glad you posted again, even it it is not "perfect". Have you gone back to school? I hope you are doing well - loking forward to hearing what you have been up to. I know you owe some race reports.

  2. Hey Kristi! Classes started the week before Labor Day. I'm doing well - with lot's to catch up on! I'll sprinkle those race reports in as well - I've got quite a few of those to catch up on too!