Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Different Points of View

Yesterday was the first day of classes for me. My husband stayed home with the kids since they don't go back to school until tommorrow. He also watched two other kids in the neighborhood as there are no camps this week for working parents to send their kids to before school starts. My 13 year old son greeted me when I got home. As I was walking up the driveway with him, I looked all around the yard and the front patio – and saw baseball bats, baseball gloves, baseballs, footballs, bikes laying on their sides, bike helmets, lacrosse rackets, scooters, etc. I turned to my son, sighed, and asked, “What do you suppose the neighbors think when they see this mess in front of our house?” He looked at me and said, without pause, “They think healthy active kids live here.”

He won that one.


  1. I think you're right...he did win that one. Out of the mouths of babes. I love his response! Why is it the instinctual response is to worry about what others think? This is part of the changing the scripts in our head I've been wrestling with. Thanks for this post. It made me smile.

  2. Hey Swingset!
    Thanks for the visit - I am glad you are still reading. I hope the last few months have not brought you anything too catastrophic. Hang in there and give us a post when you can!